Hui Bao(THB) products could be divided in five major categories. They are FRL combination (air preparation), Quick coupler and fitting, Air Hose, Air Tool and components for air compressor.
In FRL combination (air preparation) category, Hui Bao (THB) provides five categories products which are all essential parts to an efficient air system. The five categories product comprise –
(1)   Filter – Filter water / vapor in order to extend the service life of air tool / air system.
(2)   Regulator --- can make sure the output/working pressure is in a certain level.
(3)   Lubricator --- Supply lubricator to extend the service life of air tool / air system.
(4)   Air cleaner / dryer --- Filter oil / mist and dry air for particular application such as
  paint spray gun.
(5)   Auto Drains --- Collecting drops from mechanical operation. 
In terms of product range for FRL, we have 1/8” ~ 1” port sizes, which can fulfill requirements from the consumer level through industrial applications.
Hui Bao (THB) has over 20 years experience in producing quick couplers and fittings. Our couplers and fittings meet NFPA/T3.20.14-1989 (R2004) standard. We have completed product range of quick coupler and fitting. Quick couplers could be applied for pneumatic tools, air piping and air pressure equipment. THB’s couplers are tested 100,000 times of durability. 
(1)   Nitto Type – Standard (two touch), High Flow, One Touch, Stainless …
(2)   USA Type –
Universal / Milton (Industrial) / Tru-Flate (Automotive) / ARO / Schrader
(3)   European Type – Universal type fits for the most popular interchanges including ORION, MILTON and ARO
(4)   Multi coupler / manifold
THB have high volume air flow manifold which maximum pressure is up to 20kgf/c㎡. Manifold is suitable for working station which require more than one distribution from a single air source. This is an option for assemble various types of quick couplers.
(5)   Brass fittings

THB has various and completed brass fittings which could be applied in pneumatic equipment and air hoses.

Hui Bao (THB) supply PU air hose, PVC air hose, Rubber air hose and Nylon air hose. Especially, we have self-made quick coupler, fitting, spring and sleeves for customer choices.
PU air hose is an Eco-friendly product. PVC air hose is the most cost-effective. Furthermore, PVC braided air hose could reach high strength of 300 PSI. Rubber air hoses are durable whereas Nylon air hose is the lightest and temperature resistant.
 Hui Bao (THB) offers Tire inflator gauge, Air blower and Accessories (air chucks).
The 3 function tire pressure gauge can measure tire pressure precisely, inflate pressure quickly and release unnecessary pressure.  Suitable for wide range applications:
ð     Rotate design for user’s usage convenience.
ð     Changeable design with different chuck assembly for more application.
Except ordinary air blowers, THB has engine cleaners which could be air blower and engine cleaner. Engine cleaner has compact body. It is easy to carry. Besides, there is no backflow concern for engine cleaner. 
THB has completed air tool accessories for one-time purchasing to customers. Air Tool accessories comprise in-line pressure regulators, air flow valves, swivel connector, in-line oiler, swivel plug and manifolds in 2 ways or 3 ways.
(1)   Pressure switch
There are three types (E20, E21, E22) of pressure switches. Customer can choose 4 ports or 1 port; female or male design. Differential PSI is in 30PSI.
(2)   Safety Valve ( ASME certificated )
Safety valves are necessary for compressor operation in safety concern. It can release excess pressure from compressor tank to ensure safety operation of compressor.
Hui Bao (THB) safety valve is approved by ASME association. Each valve has been tested at 90% of set pressure for seat tightness. THB provides pressure range from 50PSI to 275PSI. Furthermore, THB offers T302N which can reach pressure range at 435 PSI for high pressure demand applications.
(3)   Valves --- Valves including Check Valve, Ball Valve, Drain Valve
THB manufactures various types of components in product line to fit different application.