New Products : Air Sand Blast Gun BC30


BC30 Air Sand Blast Gun


THB Air Sand Blaster Gun for removing

the burr, rust, scale and paint coating and

other surface cleaning and surface treatment work.


1. The removal of car body paint and rust.

2. The removal of ship body paint and rust.

3. Buildings, wall bricks and wall graffiti removed.

4. General iron, stainless steel, industrial products, rust, paint, and polishing.


1. Always wear gloves, goggles, earmuffs and mask when spraying.

2. Connect the steel hose with PVC hose before applying to the body part.

3. Connecting to compressor with inlet plug of sand blast gun

Note: This tool is rated between 3 BAR to 15 BAR . Ensure your compressor is set no less than 3BAR.

4. Press the trigger to start blasting sand.


 Part No. BC30
 Working Pressure 1.5Mpa / 217PSI (15Bar)
 Body Material Aluminum alloy
 Hose Length ID 3/8” * 3M 
 Port Size 1/4"  
 Nozzle Material 12L15
 Temp Range -5~+60°c (Non frozen)
 Air Consumption 1000 L/M